Bird watching in the Ecuadorian Andes - 4 Days



Day 01.- Quito - Papallacta Hot Springs

At 5:00 am we will start our trip for today. With box lunch we will leave to visit one of the highest places of the Ecuadorian Andes, Papallacta (4000 m). In this area you can find some of the rare species which only live at a height of more than 4000m, for example Andean Condor, Rufous-Bellied Seed snipe, Andean Snipe, Imperial Snipe, Ecuadorian Hill star, Andean Tit- Spine tail, Many-Striped Canister, Stout-Billed concludes, Bar-Winged Concludes and many more. At midday we drive downhill with direction of Baeza to observe more birds in this area. We will have the chance to see Tangaras and Colibries and some other special birds for this region for example Grey-Breasted Mountain-Toucan, Turquoise Jay, Jay Inca, Crested Quetzal, Masked Trogon, Golden-Breasted Puffleg, Mountain Avocet bill, Sword-Billed Hummingbird and Long-Tailed Sylph. We will spend the night at the Termas de Papallacta Spa Resort. Breakfast /Lunch /Dinner

Day 02.-Papallacta - Cotopaxi National Park

After breakfast at 6:00 am we will travel with box lunch in direction to the Antisana Vulcan. This region is another area, which is located in the highest Andes in Ecuador. In this area we have time to observe different bird species, for example the Condor, Black-Faced Ibis, Bariable Hawk, Carunculated Caracara and many more. Furthermore we will visit many of the natural lagoons in this area, which have rich fishing grounds. In the afternoon we will drive back to the central valley where we will spend the night at the Tierra del Volcan Lodge. Dinner and Overnight B/L/D

Day 03.-Cotopaxi National Park - Hacienda la Cienega

With box lunch we will start our tour after breakfast at about 6:00 am in direction to the National Park Cotopaxi (Vulcan). The Cotopaxi region is very well- known and visited by naturalists and people, who are interested in bird watching. In this area it is possible to observe many rare bird species, like Andean Condor, Andean Gull, Andean Snipe, Puna Snipe, Snipe Nobleman, Imperial Snipe, Ecuadorian Rail, Rufous-Bellied Seed snipe, Ecuadorian Hill star and many more. After we have spent all day watching out for birds we will drive to our accommodation for tonight, the Hostaría la Ciénega. Later on you will enjoy our delicious dinner. B/L/D

Day 04.- La Cienega - Quito

Today we will leave our accommodation very early at about 5:45 in the morning to observe the birds in the area around the Hostaría la Ciénega for one or two hours. You have the chance to see some of the following species: Subtropical Doradito, Vermillon Flycatcher, Black Flowerpiercer, Blue-and-Yellow Tanager, Grass Wren, Giant Hummingbird and Black-Tailed Trainbearer. After two hours of birding we will enjoy our breakfast and following we will start our journey for today with direction back to Quito. On the way we will visit the Forest of Pasochoa. This area has primary forest and because of that reason many different bird species like the Masked Trogon, Turquoise Jay, Powerful Woodpecker, Chestnut-Crowned Antpitta, Rufous Antpitta, Undulated Antpitta and many more. In afternoon we will arrive back in Quito in our hotel, where we will spend the night. The end of this day is also the end of our birdwatching tour in den Ecuadorian Andes. B/L/-

Equipment needed for Your Trip: Comfortable trekking boots, warm clothes, waterproof clothes, binoculars, sun cream, sunglasses, hat, camera, film (100 ASA), and travel alarm clock, flashlight with batteries, zip-lock bags to keep clothing and equipment dry, gloves, towel and personal toilet kit. We provide you with rubber boots and rain ponchos.

VERY IMPORTANT: This program can be change due to weather conditions. Any changes are made in the traveller's best interest and safety. For groups of more than four, departures can be any day, including special itineraries. The difficulty of access to the area demands relatively long 4WD Auto drives.