Mindo is part of the cloud forest

Ecological Reserve Mindo-Nambillo comprises approximately 22,000 hectares located on the slopes of Guagua Pichincha volcano and rainforest humid subtropical zone. Its altitudinal range varies between 1220.330 and 4593.670 meters. It is located between Nono, Canton Lloa Mindo Quito and parishes of Los Bancos Canton. It bordered on the north by the forest of the Río Guayllabamba, south to Santa Rosa and Yasquel forest; the west by the Cinto River and on the east by the forest of the area in the sub-basins of the Rivers pichan and Verde Cocha. El Bosque Protector Mindo-Nambillo part of the Chocó Andean region of Ecuador and is considered as one of the five hottest areas in the world. It includes six bioclimatic systems with its fauna and flora: temperate humid, rainy temperate, sub-humid temperate, humid sub-tropical, temperate and humid rainy moor. Source: QuitoAdventure

Fuente: QuitoAdventure


What to bring with you

Camera, binoculars, rainjacket, walking shoes (rubber boots can useful in the rainy season).