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Mindo is 2 hours drive from Quito. It is also served by several companies public bus and taxi service. The roads are good, but maybe a 4x4 car is recommended to avoid the inevitable rocks and potholes. in the mountains of the valley and nearby, see right, have a range of altitude between 1200-1600 meters. Mindo is subtropical forest and is ideally located along the hillside between the upper and lower temperate zone tropical rainforests.

The climate is mild year-round. The main rainy season is from March to April, although it is likely that throughout the year have some rain. The sunniest months are from June to September, this is considered to me the summer season.

Favorite bird watching months are from September to January as many immigrants from northern and southern present in the Mindo area as well as local specialties such as Chlorophonia-yellow neck and wings jumping club. However, many resident species such as anthills, are more active and easier to see in the rainy season. Because of its vital role in the conservation of numerous rare and endemic species, Mindo was the first area designated Important Bird South (IBA) by BirdLife International (1997) America. Mindo is surrounded by historic ornithological studies, where the first collectors and ornithologists descubieron and collected specimens of many species.

Mindo is within the area of ​​Choco Endemic Bird (EBA) and Chocó region, which is considered one of the richest biogeographic regions of the world. This area "is compatible with the largest number of birds restricted distribution of any EBA in the Americas, more than 50 species are endemic to the area ... [and] relatively little is known about the precise distribution, altitudinal movements and ecological requirements of the restricted-range birds ... ", p 202, endemic bird areas World 1998, BirdLife International. More than 30 species of endemic birds of Chocó are regularly in a visit of 3-4 days in the Mindo area. Malaria, cholera and other tropical diseases have not been reported in Mindo.